Bo: The Most Interesting Canine

Some days Bo will play football and run circles in the front yard, digging mulch out of its designated space and trimming his nails on the worn driveway surface. Other days, Bo will lay flat on his back, belly facing sky, in the middle of the yard, begging someone, anyone, to rub his chest and tell him stories of rabbits and squirrels.

I first met Bo when I reconnected with my high school love and now wife, Tara. She had been parenting our now 100 pound eight-year-old fur child for approximately two years at the time, and upon our first meeting, he proceeded to sniff-search me, rub against my side, approve of me dating his mother, and bring me his frisbee. We played on the hill outside the house until he was tired. That was the first day that he showed me his affinity for belly rubs and circular running.

Fast forward just over six years and Bo is a charming elder of the dog community. While he has not exactly reached elder status in a physical manner, he is as wise as they come. For example, he understands that when I call him from the front door to come inside and rest, I must really mean, “Go lay down in the yard and grumble when I call you inside again and again!” He is usually pretty decent about following commands, but he can’t fight his stubborn Chocolate Labrador nature from time to time. He knows that if he lays down, he is difficult to move–he has a gift for protest.

Despite his ability to sometimes deny our commands, Bo is as affectionate and loyal as dogs come. Every evening, without fail, he will find his way to Tara’s lap, atop our leather couch, and he will cozy up for a nap with his best friend while his younger brother, Simba, sleeps as close to the fire as possible without actually laying atop its embers. More on Simba in another post, though. This is Bo’s time to shine–and shine he does. He protects our home from really intimidating squirrels, birds, twitching blades of grass, and other truly threatening and menacing foes. While his forty yard dash down the front yard, followed by an exhausting and heroic bark, may only be in response to a passing jogger, we are convinced that he would help us battle foreign armies if the need arose.

Put simply, Bo is a loveable, loyal, and beautiful lab. He is our first fur child, and we are blessed to live with the most interesting, stubborn, comical, and loving canine around. Here’s to you, Bo.

“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.”

-David Viscott

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