Jetjet: Perfect Timing

Jetjet is a Border Collie/Lab mix. Naturally, I am a fan. I have been around Jetjet only a handful of times, but I have learned that she, like so many dogs, wants to be friends with those possessing a pulse and offering a smile. She is a beautiful dog, and her owner, Sarah, takes very good care of her. This is why I was so shocked when Sarah told me about Jetjet’s first two years of life.

Some of the most basic needs that any person or animal yearns for include shelter, food, and water. Jetjet had these things at the Fort Mill Humane Society, but she did not have her forever home. To make life more difficult, Jetjet’s two sisters and four brothers had been adopted very shortly after arriving at Fort Mill, leaving Jetjet undoubtedly feeling scared, alone, and unwanted, despite the fact that her basic needs were being met by a friendly and caring staff. Insert Sarah into the equation and one can now entertain the all too familiar bumper sticker, “Who saved who?”

Sarah told me that she first sought a canine companion after she completed her sophomore year of college. She had experienced a bit of frustration and decided to take time off school and begin working. Hours on the job may have occupied Sarah’s time, but not her soul–that would come the moment she met her dog. She describes her first encounter with Jetjet along the following terms, “I rounded the corner [at Fort Mill] and there sat Jetjet all alone in her kennel and with her one ear sticking straight up and down and the other bent over. As soon as she saw me she began to wag her tail. I knew then she was my dog.” When I read this in the form of a text message, it nearly brought tears to my eyes, but not for obvious reasons.

Jetjet’s new life with Sarah is enough to warm my heart, but I was dually inspired and moved by how much of an impact Jetjet was able to immediately impress upon Sarah. Sometimes the support we need comes in forms we are unprepared to recognize. Her story of her adoption of Jetjet reminds me all too well of a frustrating time in my own life wherein my childhood dog provided unconditional love and acceptance–feelings Sarah undoubtedly shares with Jetjet to this day.

It seems that Sarah and Jetjet found one another at a perfect time. Little did Sarah know that while she was saving the necessary donation money for her adoption of her loveable pup, Jetjet had fallen into depression and stopped eating for a period of one week. Though when it seemed dark and desperate for the jet black furball, Sarah came back with the money needed to make their adventures together legit. From that day forward, Jetjet was Sarah’s dog, and she no longer had to worry about when her forever home would finally come to fruition. She was adopted and rejuvenated, and she indubitably provided some of that same relief for Sarah, allowing both to put past frustrations to rest and look forward to many walks, belly rubs, and silly adventures.

Stories like this remind us that dogs can provide a feeling of security and love that at least appears unrivaled. Maybe it is their own desire to be recipients of these values or ideals that makes them so capable of exhibiting such traits with unparalleled determination and consistency. Dogs like Jetjet, with her resilience and unaffected love, remind me of these features that our four-legged friends possess. We could learn a thing or two from them.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

-Roger Caras

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