I should have suspected that my outreach to Facebook friends regarding material for my blog might evolve into less serious matters. I just didn’t know how quickly.

Insert Josh Wolf–a bro if ever there were. I met him a few years ago, and for all intents and purposes, I consider Josh a long lost brother. I see him but a few times a year, but I revel in those days and nights, as he has a spirit about him that is akin to that found in men and women that have logged more years of life experience. Yet, at the drop of a hat, he, perhaps better than anyone I know, can make a statement so outrageous, uplifting, hilarious, and jovial that you can get lost in the moment and forget anything bothersome. He is simultaneously contagious and deep in character, and so it brought a grin to my face when I noticed that he commented on my Facebook thread, as he suggested that I write today’s post about “words that you can seamlessly fit ‘bro’ into.” Challenge accepted.

Ironically, this request is perfect for me. I am forever childish when it comes to matters of language, including puns, rhyme schemes, and figurative bro-se. So when the word “bro” became popularized, I was probably one of the first in line to overuse it and cause others much headache. From calling friends and awaiting their response so that I could yell “Bro-tato salad!” into the phone, to asking my students if they’ve been studying their bro-cabulary with regularity, I can say with confidence that I bro-tally abuse the noun. I admit, it might not be the most bro-fessional use of my time, but it makes for good fun.

Still, and even with the aim of satisfying Josh’s request to seamlessly fit “bro” into a variety of words, I find that moderation is key in getting a rise out of people. And yet, balancing moderation with the urge to maintain a strong pun game is challenging, unless you’re supplementing with bro-tein shakes and weekly tae-kwon-bro lessons. Then, and only then, will you be as funny as a bro-deo clown and as clever as Sherlock Bro-lmes. But I digress–not even the fun-loving Bro Montana would approve of my current bro-verindulgence–he would probably be more excited to listen to Herman Melville’s Bro-by Dick on tape than listen to me ramble.

I could go on, but I think I smell my pizza beginning to burn in the bro-aster oven. I’ll leave you with this: remember to be true to yourself, for the honest man is the peaceful man–at least that’s what A-bro-ham Lincoln would say.

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