Sleep? Yes, Please!

Since its first season on AMC, I’ve been a big fan of The Walking Dead (TWD), and until two weeks ago, I could find plenty of time on Sunday evening to watch the latest episode before turning in for the night. Now, with a newborn champ to support, I am less likely to view the show, but I am probably fit to be cast as a zombie or “walking dead” member during certain hours of any given day.

I first thought about this last week, as I worked late into the evening this past Wednesday and Friday, and then I woke up early Saturday morning and took to the road to pick up five of my students to help facilitate a community service project in Coatesville. We moved cabinets from 8:30-2 p.m., carried insulation from one garage to another, demolished less than desirable and damaged goods to then be thrown in a dumpster, and finally helped cut two by fours to serve as jacks for a sinking floor–a measure only meant to buy some time. We wrapped up our business around 3:30 p.m., and I made my way home to cook dinner. This was my first week back to work since Brooks entered the world, and I knew it would be challenging to establish a new routine, but the weekend duty (we are responsible for six weekends/year) added a degree of difficulty that inevitably launched me onto the radar of those responsible for selecting actors appropriate to play zombies on this season of TWD. I’m still awaiting my agent’s phone call. 

It’s really not a big deal, though–the lack of sleep that is. Sure, there are moments every once in a while where I look around, throw my arms to my side, and think desperately, “When shall I find the elusive pillow and comforter?!?” Then, as I realize that my sleep deprivation is at least offset by some decent chunks of overnight rest, I remember that my wife is our child’s 24-hour fast food drive-through window for the foreseeable future. Yes, on occasion I still wake up during the late night feedings, but on evenings preceding work, I channel more sleep than anything. And Tara is a saint for not only understanding but encouraging me to get rest at these times.

As my brother-in-law recently told me–an insight that someone too shared with him–it is very much worth the lack of sleep to see your child grow and to be there with them to show them the world. Until the day comes when Brooks is able to navigate a bit more independently, I’ll wear sunglasses in public to hide the bags under my eyes and daydream about the afternoon naps of yesteryear!

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